Kleftiko Boat Tour

“Kleftiko” or the west part of the island is for the courageous...for those who live a little crazier than others and even more for those who have or feel like kids! Explore the caves of Kleftiko by swimming through the magical blue waters! Learn all about the pirates hideout . Let the skipper take you to the caves where you will hear strange noises...where you will notice your hands changing color in the water...explore the place everyone wants to go back to! Share moments of joy and excitement with your loved ones and make new friends from all over the world! We give you the equipment for it...use your good mood to make the most out of it! Snorkeling equipment, waterproof camera, 4 meals ,one for every stop we make and an open bar are available just so your day becomes even better!

Give us your trust and let us show you why we absolutely love our job!

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One of the many colourful villages Milos owns. What makes them really special is the fact that the ground floor is used as a garage for the boat, also known in greek, as “Sirmata”.


The two guardian bears of the island standing in the entrance of the port. It’s worth mentioning the fact that only few people have the “charisma” to discover the chicken and rabbit before they finally set their eyes on the “beast”.


One of the top destinations for the tourists. A roofless cave big enough to leave us speechless, but with a not so large entrance, that allows access only to small boats. They call it Sykia because of a fig tree that used to have it’s roots on the cave’s roof, that no longer exists.


Have you ever visited any pirate hideout? Caves in all sorts of shapes that create the ideal place for sea sports and excursions. So get on a boat to this magical place and ask all about the pirate stories while enjoying the view.


For the beach, with the emerald water, many stories have been told, some of them funny and others a bit more ghoulish. It’s a bay that came out of a fairytale, with shallow water, suitable for kids or old people or even a picnic! Don’t panic if a lunatic with inflatable “dinosaur” ever crosses your way.

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